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Mississippi artist, producer, and songwriter, Montshodaw embodies the courage needed to travel a road not often traveled in Hip-Hop. This strength is echoed in the musical experience created by his undaunted lyrics and production style. He brings a freshness of sort to the seemingly homogeneous atmosphere in Hip-Hop. His knack for melding the dynamics of seemingly far out concepts with the practical struggles and joys of everyday living into heartfelt but gritty and conscientious narratives is one is his trademarks. The character of his style does not take on an air of timidity and is generally heavy with inventive melodies and hooks that often blur genre boundaries.

A large part of his musical influence came from hip-hop and R&B of the nineteen nineties. Break beats and samples from the East coast and funk/blues grooves and the delivery style of the West coast and Southern hip-hop were driving forces within this early influence. However, his earliest exposure to the world of music and performing is a mixed light of memories tinged by the embodiment of the qualities of soulfulness displayed in music from the late sixties, early seventies, and the endurance found in old Mississippi revival choirs. As such, Montshodaw’s intentions are to not just to entertain but also to stimulate the consideration of ideas for personal and social change and to pier into aspects of life from a vantage point that may not have been giving much contemplation, especially in song. He calls this approach “The Retransformation of Hip-hop.” Much effort is placed on how his creations will potentially impact others and ultimately that impact will determine the worthiness, in his view, of a song or project being released.

His current project/album, The Realms… Realm 1: I’ma Rise, is a powerful synthesis of bold ideas and dynamic instrumentation that is daringly graphic, robust, and seductive.



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